America vs Pachuca and Santos Laguna vs RGVFC Toros at the HEB Park


The America FC will play against the Pachucha Tuzos FC, on Wednesday July 4th at 6.30 pm at the HEB Park. You can acquire tickets online at or at the H-E-B Park box office. You can also register for tickets of the RGVFC Toros and buy tickets, before the opening of the window for all public, at or by calling (956) 972-1144.

And on Wednesday July 11th at 8 pm the TGVFC Toros team will be playing against the Santos Laguna FC. Fans of Toros join and support your local team.

The America FC, the Pachuca Tuzos FC as well as the Santos Laguna FC are very popular teams in the Mexican Soccer League, thus these two games are promising to be a spectacle to enjoy with your entire family or group of Friends at the excellent facilities of the HEB Park in the city of Edinburg, Texas.

More information:

H-E-B Park
1616 S Raul Longoria Rd
Edinburg, TX 78542