Earth Fest, celebrating the planet


On April 21st will be taking place the so called “Earth Fest,” a great event, which is organized every year by the City of Brownsville in coordination with the Department of Parks and Recreation, the festival will be starting as of 9 am and will be ending at 3 pm.

The Earth Fest main objective is to gather the number of people from the Valley’s community to be aware of the great ecological benefits the plant can provide if the “green” life present on Earth is preserved.

During the festival where planet’s life is celebrating different activities will take place addressed to grownups and children there they will learn to use recycled objects to create new things, there will be workshops about how to do a good use of energy, such as preserve water, as well as taking care of plants, everything aimed to fulfill minor changes that we can do in our lives which will benefit the environment.

A family event where little changes can bring bit changes to the planet. Go to “Earth Fest,” an event where you will have fun in a big way.

More information:

Brownsville Parks & Recreation
Linear Park
1700 E 6th St. Brownsville, TX.