El Paseo Santa Lucia: sail and have fun in Monterrey’s downtown


El Paseo Santa Lucia is a channel or artificial river and crosswalk located in Monterrey’s downtown, northeast from Mexico City. This place was inspired in the River Walk from San Antonio, Texas.
This channel was opened on September 15th 2007. It is considered one of the 13 wonders of Mexico created by man. Currently, it is the longest artificial river in Latin America.

Visitors can embark in a lovely travel with expert guides that will take you throughout the channel which completely navigable in small boats with capacity of up to 40 people each. The tour goes from the Fundidora Park to the Mexican Museum of History, next to the Macroplaza. It is one of the most attractive sites and most visited by tourists arriving to Monterrey.

During the 2.5 kilometers tour, you will enjoy a magnificent landscape with 24 illuminated fountains, bridges, walkers, murals from great Monterrey artists, great extension of green areas, restaurants, terraces and esplanades, which create perfect scenarios.

The tours are made with a guide who explains in detail all about the 17 informative plates where you can find information about events and historic sites that have marked Monterrey.

More information:

Santa Lucia, Centro, C.P. 64000
Monterrey, N.L., Mexico
Phone: 52 81 81 868500