Enanitos Verdes and Hombres G together on their tour Huevos Revueltos


Next June 14th do not miss the great concert of the favorites Enanitos Verdes and Hombres G who will be visiting the South of Texas to spread with their music all their fans.

The date is at 8 pm at the State Farm Arena in Hidalgo, Texas. Enanitos Verdes is a band that started in 1979, with Marciano Cantero (bass, keyboard and voices,) Felipe Staiti (guitar) and Daniel Piccolo.

In 1984 the band added two new members: Sergio Embrioni (guitar and voice) and Tito Davila (keyboard.) As quintet they published the disc Los Enanitos Verdes, with the hit “Aun Sigo Cantando” (“Todavia estoy cantando”.)

In 1986 they published their second album, titled Contrarreloj which includes great hits such as “Tus Viejas Cartas,” “Cada vez que digo adios” and “La muralla verde.” Their third album, Salas Extranas, arrived the next year and includes “Te vi en un tren,” “Por el resto” and “El extrano de pelo largo.”

Other hits are “Guitarras blancas.” Enanitos Verdes has won, among other things, a Gaviota de Plata at the Vina del Mar Festival in Chile.

Hombres G is Spanish pop rock band integrated by Spain in 1983. They are widely considered as one of the most noticed pop groups in Spain from the eighties and beginning of the nineties. [The band members are David Summers (bass, voice,) Rafael Gutierrez (guitar,) Dani Mezquita (guitar) and Javi Molina (drummer.)

Among their hits are: “Devuelveme a mi chica,” “Voy a pasármelo bien” and “Esta es tu vida,” “Que te pasa? Estas borracho.”

More information:

State Farm Arena
2600 N 10th St, Hidalgo, TX 78557
(956) 843-6688