Geocaching: A sport that combines high technology with treasure hunting


Are you fascinated by the combination of technology and sports? Geocaching is the ideal sport for people liking both activities. On Saturday May 19th, you will have the opportunity of practicing this incredible activity, which will take place at Resaca de la Palma State Park, the path lasts one hour and starts at 10 am and has a cost of 4 dollars entrance.

Visitors finding a geocache box of “treasure” at Wicken Fen National Nature Reserve, Cambridgeshire. Geocaching is a sort of digital treasure hunt where you follow co-ordinates or “waypoints” on a GPS to find the hidden box of treasure.

Learning more about Geocaching is the objective. From how to hunt and find hidden treasuries, to how to manage GPS coordinates. Join us to learn basic Geocaching concepts.

Find hidden treasures; learn about interesting facts on state parks! But above all go further and experience the addictive adventure of Geocaching. The path has 14 hidden treasuries.

Without doubt this is an experience not only for adults, but also for the little ones.

Thus, do not wait anymore and come with your family and become a Geocaching expert, the new sport that combines high technology with treasure hunting!

More information:

Resaca de la Palma State Park
1000 New Carmen Ave.
Brownsville, TX.
(956) 350-2920