Gladys Porter Zoo: an option to have fun in Brownsville


Gladys Porter Zoo is one of the most visited places by the people of Brownsville, it opens its doors from Monday to Sunday, from 9 am until 5 pm without doubt a family recreational space with excellent attractive.

In a tour of barely ¾ miles, you could find a diverse ensemble of 377 animal species and 225 plants species. The park is divided in four zoogeographic areas: Africa, Asia, Tropical America and Indo-Australia. There is also a Herpetarium, an aviary of South American free flight, a Macaw, the Bear famous grottos, the Harbor Seal exhibition and the Komodo dragon.

Small World presented a daycare and a patio with animal contact where children can touch and interact with domesticated animals. A great number of wild birds find a shelter in the lands of the Zoo, attracted by plants and channels that provide them food and shelter.

Russell Aquatic Ecology Center is another attraction at the zoo; the exhibition has the aquatic habitats from South Texas and native animals and plants.

In addition it has species such as the red snapper, black drum, sand trout, bream, swordfish, snook, lookdowns, jacks and of course, everyone’s favorite: sharks! Also, a variety of smaller exhibits are distributed around the Aquatic Center, which will allow us to exhibit animals that could be lost in the larger exhibits, such as sea horses, octopus, robins, stargazers, live shrimp, crabs and live snails. And finally, the Stingray Touch Tank, will house a variety of local rays, cownose rays, southern rays and Atlantic rays. Visitors can touch these animals.

More information:

Gladys Porter Zoo
500 E Ringgold St.
Brownsville, TX.
(956) 546-7181