LEXUS LS, Live The New Experience.


The new LEXUS LS SEDAN promises to be an automobile for those people that like experiencing the real luxury and latest in technology.

This new automobile has three different presentations, LS, LS HYBRID and LS F SPORT. Each one with different characteristics, but with unique style and prices from $75,200 USD.

Its interior can be appreciated as a complete work of art on each one of its details, since these were created by master artisans Takumi, which included from first quality Art Wood to Kiriko carved glass; and not only is visual, regarding sensorial it has exclusive characteristics such as butterfly headrest in the back seat, seven different massage settings and much more.

LS is the first double turbo engine combined with the first automatic transmission of 10 speeds in Lexus.

Lexus thought about each small detail therefore besides being a luxury car it offers mode advanced safety technology to the moment with pedestrians detector and another of getting away if a collision is detected.

We recommend you to go to Lexus San Juan, where you will receive an exceptional and deluxe service.


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Address: 410 W, IH 2 San Juan, TX 78589
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