Shine This Season.


It is that time of the year where make up looks fresher and the skin less greasy, however dry skin appears but there is nothing to be afraid, the key to fight this is moisturizing.

In this edition you will find some essential products for taking care of your skin since with this you will avoid dry lips or dry skin.  You can find them at CVS, which although it is a pharmacy it also manages extraordinary products that will help you.

Here the five essentials to fight dryness:

1.-Thermal water: this will help keeping your face fresh and hydrated.

2.-Tea: in this season, you have to take care of yourself from the inside and in addition of water, a tea always helps you especially if you have sore throat.

3.-Face masks: once a week and in only 10 minutes you can achieve being hydrated, that is why these masks are marvelous.

4.-Cream: the ones specially made for dry skin, such as these ones, will help you a lot.

5.-Lipstick: this new EOS is made with natural products as aloe vera, coconut oil and more, the perfect ingredients for this season.

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