Special Hotel Rates At SPI.


It may sound a little crazy or different telling you that this season is one of the best to visit South Padre Island, and this is because after summer we are not thinking about the beach; however, after reading this you will love the idea.

During this season, prices at hotels go down to almost half due to the lower demand they have. This is a great reason to go, in addition that despite being autumn-winter, weather at the Island is always pleasant.

Another reason to visit is that they have several Christmas events and tours, which you can enjoy.

The hotels we are recommending their excellent service and real estate are Hilton Garden Inn, La Copa Inn and la Quinta Inn, each one has restaurants and bars, which will allow you to have fun at the hotel.

Get out of the routine this season and visit South Padre Island. For more information visit our page or go to the one written here.

La Isla Del Padre
Address: La Isla del Padre, TX
Phone: (800) 767 2373
Email: info@sopadre.com
Website: opadre.com