SANTA Arrives To Corpus Christi Outlets.


The magic of Santa Claus arrives to Corpus Christi outlets, with him there’s going to be a lot of decorations, events and the chance to know him and even take a picture!. In this article you can know more about all the events this outlets going to have for you. The events start at December 1st.

December 4 and 18, at 12 p.m. to 8 p.m. you can take your photo with Santa and isn’t all, you would have the chance to take your lovely fur friend with you! Don’t forget you have to carry on because is not to be the only one.

From December 9 til 24, the outlets its going to be a wonderful winter paradise when you can enjoy all the lights and the low prices at their stores and finish all the shopping, you can go to Santa’s Workshop that is in the 421 Suite, from 12 p.m. til 8 p.m.

In December 11 its going to be PIJAMA DAY! Where you can take another photo with santa in your pijamas and why not? Get a new one.

Don’t forget that in December 25 Corpus Christi Outlets its going to be closed so don’t get your christmas gifts late.