Zara High-End of Fast Fashion.


The term Fast Fashion, is used to refer to clothes stores which move the best clothes showed on runways from luxury brands at low cost.


Zara is one of them and by far the favorite of fashion lovers since each detail on their garments is unique.  On each collection they show how they chose the best trends seen at runways of high prestige and sale them at a pretty much lower cost.

One of the main reasons to fall in love with this brand is that they are capable of having from the design of a cloth to its distribution in only two weeks about 12,000 new designs a year and some 25,000 collections per year! Can you believe this? And it is just that its creator believes in launching mini-collections, this avoids its customers to coincide with the same outfits, few models are manufactured and many different collections.  That is why, when you fall in love with one of its clothes take them right away because there will not be another one in the market again.

And if you are not an online buyer fan we give you one reason to think twice, on their website they update almost 300 garments each week, some of them never make it to the store.  Yes, Zara has thought about everything.

The brand has 5 different lines for woman: Woman, Trafaluc, Studio, Join Life and Ungendered that is why on their labels you will find some of these names followed by their logo, each one of these have different characteristics.  It is important to mention that they do not only make woman clothes, they also have a men, children lines and even for newborns.  Imagine see your favorite fabrics in small models.

For these upcoming celebrations Zara is a great option for some gifts or outfits for these parties.


Zara at La Plaza Mall
2200 S 10th St Space C04 McAllen, TX 78503
(956) 429 3007